Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm normal. Right?

Today is my 35th birthday. And by 'today' I mean the day that started 51 minutes ago.*hiccup*

The circle of life is on my mind. Not in it, as in I'm humming Elton John's 'Circle of Life', but definitely in my peripheral. Life and death is literally at my doorstep today. For a start, a capsized cockroach met me at the door this morning. Ghastly. Not that I'm a fan of said vermin, but still.....ghastly way to die. I had jokingly asked the girls once:

'...and whose cockroach is this here in the hallway....? Hmm? I SAID CLEAN UP YOUR MESS! '

That totally made it into the rotation, regrettably. After changing course this morning so as to avoid the big ugly beast, the tiny BFF traveling in my wake ratted me out to everyone....

' Whose cockroach is this?, '  she demanded  ' it's not Mummy's, 'cause she didn't pick it up, and she saw it! ' loyalty in this joint! I swept it up. Sad...ish.

Later this afternoon, the quirky little Korean that I have the privilege of teaching 3 times a week announced that the family cat had had 5 kittens of her own. One of those kittens is bound for Beth's house, and Jorgie of course thinks it should be called Blanca Nieves. But then, she's obsessed. I vote Fleabag, or as Phoebe suggested, Dirtbag.

Circle of of life. These 35 years have been all that they should have been. I have my kids, and I have my health. I used to have Ghost Whisperer, but with the time change, it's just not the same in the bright of day. Sorry Melinda, I miss you too...Call me!

As another year passes, I realize that they aren't really about me anymore, they're about them. That's normal, right? Right?

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