Friday, April 15, 2011

My world tour begins Monday


In the spirit of the staycation, We've carefully planned a week of theme nights. Baulk if you will, but this week is going to be rad. Think Russia...with borscht and vodka! Italy with homemade pasta, red wine and classic Italian ballads! Japan with homemade sushi, saki and Hayao Miyazaki! Greek night with souvlaki, falafels, tzatziki, more wine and 'Dogtooth'! I just can't wait for Hawaiian night... PiƱa coladas, grass skirts and season 1 of Hawaii 5-0!  

Theme week! Theme week! 

The teacher in me longs to work a lesson into each night...and I just might do it. I'm thinking flags. Simple, but important. The kids are just 2 and 4 after all. 

This year's staycation is going to be a good one. As long as we don't go anywhere near our normally vacant beaches, which promise to be packed with tourists for the next two weeks. Asi es.


  1. I am flabbergasted. What a gal! That is an idea born from the egg of fun. I will admit, I am jealous that I can not attend, but you have inspired me to create my own staycation. you rule.