Saturday, October 22, 2011

"I was asleep in the tub when I heard the knocking on the garage door...."

In support of the union in the recent labour dispute involving the Rocky Mountaineer in my hometown of Vancouver B.C., I had downloaded some news coverage that a 'locked out' friend suffering through the dispute suggested I watch. Seemed straight forward enough. Download and view. For reasons known only to the technologically literate I couldn't skip ahead to the bit at 18:15 where my friend assured me I would find the coverage I wanted to see. So, I took a welcomed break from what I was doing (calculating grades and percentages for my high schoolers) and nestled in for eighteen minutes and fourteen seconds of local news from a hometown I haven't visited in over 3 years. And so it went....

Up first? An unbelievable tale of rescue involving an average man who claims he 'instinctively' confronted an angry Mother bear by tearing  his beloved dog from its murderous claws. The tendons in Average Man's wrist were torn by the bear, but he assured the camera that this was a 'small price to pay', as Fido was not. Fearless! This was followed by another heartwarming tale of rescue. This time involving a precious cat who had come to be known as 'Fiona'. Fiona was discovered by builders in a ventilation shaft while the roof of an expansion to a local school was being built. The builder who spoke to the camera mentioned several times that he was prepared to 'do whatever it takes' to save 'Fiona'. What it took, was permission from the school board to 'unbuild' said roof, and permission from the contracted building company to pay it's workers overtime to perform the rescue. Fiona, dehydrated and nearing liver failure, was rescued and rehabilitated. The roof was rebuilt. The Builder said that he would have done it on his own time and on his own dime if the building company was unprepared to do so. Fortunately for him, it didn't come to that. Amazing!

Yet another lucky escape....This time involving a local man and his brother in law. The pair were taking in the fresh night air in Local Man's open garage when suddenly a couple appeared out of nowhere asking to 'borrow a cigarette'. Local Man obliged, looking down momentarily as he drew said cigarette from its package. Before he (literally) knew what had hit him, he was on the floor, eyes fixed on his own splattered blood. Local Man was being beaten with his own hammer while Brother in Law ran toward the door that connected the garage to the inside of the home in an attempt to save himself from Couple's unprovoked attack. Local Man's Wife heard the ruckus.

Here is what Local Man's Wife told the camera:

'I heard someone knocking on the garage door. I woke up, got out of the tub and went downstairs to see what was going on. When I opened the door and saw my brother lying there I knew something terrible had happened. I looked around for my husband, but at first I couldn't see him. So I......'

...Wait, what? (Keep in mind I was watching this news clip by myself, and unable to 'rewind' or 'fast forward' the footage because of the a fore mentioned reasons 'known only to the technologically literate'). I waited patiently for Local Man's Wife to clarify that she had actually been taking a bath in said tub and not, as my defected hearing afforded me, been asleep in it. Surely she had been asleep somewhere less.....unexplainable, like a couch or a bed? She continued....

'I guess I didn't hear the screams 'cuz I was asleep in the tub, but when I heard the knocking I got out of the tub and went downstairs right away.....'

Alright. Any confusion or doubt has been eradicated. Local Man's Wife sleeps in her bath tub. Fine. That's what she does. That's her business. I don't even have a tub, so why am I thinking about whether or not I'd sleep in it if I had one? It struck me as incredibly odd that she mentioned then confirmed that she had been asleep in her tub, and neither the reporter nor the newscaster thought it was worth a comment. Generally speaking, I sleep in my bed. I guess I recklessly assumed that my fellow paisanos  in Canada did too, despite their tub loving ways. I mean, typically we don't have bath tubs here in Mexico. Sure, there are tubs, but it's unusual. Very unusual. So I started to explore the why of it.

Suddenly it's 2am, and I'm lying there in bed wondering why we don't have tubs here in Mexico, and if we did, would I sleep in mine? And if I wouldn't, why wouldn't I? AND, what are the benefits to tub sleeping that the people of my homeland have neglected to share with me? I mean, do I have friends and/or relatives that are at this very moment asleep in their respective tubs? Do they keep a blanket under the sink in case they feel chilly whilst a slumber in their tub?.

My first thoughts are obvious: Water is a precious resource here. And then I silently arrive at this: Aside from the previous revelation (duh) Mexicans generally prefer things that have multiple uses. Mexicans like multipurpose things. Take 'Pinol' for example. This is an incredible useful solution. After cleaning your floors, sinks, walls and driveway with this stuff, did you know that you can move into the laundry room and add this awesome stuff to your laundry's rinse cycle to remove stubborn stains? I have kids, I do their laundry, and this stuff is second to none. Multipurpose. Lets talk about 'Zote'. Another great example. This stuff goes from top to tail in the shower, even your teeth, then does overtime in the fregadero washing all your unmentionables, and..... Fido! Sensitive skin? No problem! Now available, Zote: Unscented. I'll bet you didn't know about that last one. Lets move out of the kitchen and into the living room. The Mexican couch, for example. This is no ordinary couch. This baby is as wide as a twin bed when you remove the back cushions and just as comfortable. Coincidence? I think not. The hammock, for another: Great for lying around in, great for getting the baby to sleep in, and great for sleeping in when your esposa locks you out of the house. Coincidence? Nuh-uh. Lets talk about limes: A Mexican staple. These green-meanies are amazing. Out of deodorant? Cut one of these in half and rub it in your nether regions and enjoy the hottest of Manzanillan days odour free. No salad dressing? Squeeze a lime over your greens and voila! Untameable mane? Squeeze some lime up there and sport obedient locks all day, short or long. Pesky flies bothering your dinner invitados? Relax! Rub some lime on the table and those filthy pests are gone! Fabric softener: Curly locks that go haywire in this humidity? No problem, do as my ingenious coworkers do, and comb liquid fabric softener through your wet hair.

I could go on and on, but what I come back to is the tub. I don't believe that sleeping in it is a comfortable option, and aside from that, everything else I think I might use it for, I instead use my fregadero. But I'm concerned. Have I been gone so long from Canada that I don't even know what a tub is being used for these days? Don't laugh, this type of fear is genuine. I rarely get 'home', and when I do, there is always a plethora of things I thought I understood that become glaringly obvious to me that I don't. I'm going to attribute all of it to culture. Because product evolution just doesn't seem to apply to the bath my humble opinion. It is just a tub, after all. Isn't it?


  1. For your info..

    Life´s a boomerang.. This is your friends son.

    1. I was lying in bed thinking about this comment and then I finally figured it out...Hi K :) That woman is not my friend, and hasn't been for a very long time. She is an insane person that should be in a psychiatric hospital. I'm sorry for what you went through with her, and I know that you are better off without her. So am I. :)

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